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Has your MP signed up to stop the Go Home campaign?

An Early Day Motion has been tabled by MPs, criticising the Home Office’s poster campaign running in UK Border Agency offices in Glasgow and London advising people seeking advice to ‘Go Home’ and calling on the government to   “halt immediately this pilot scheme and to work with local authorities, community groups and NGOs to encourage voluntary returns in a more effective, liberal, sympathetic and humane manner“.

You can ask your MP to sign up to this motion by emailing them through www.writetothem.com

Emails and letters to MPs are always more effective if they are uniquely worded – MPs and their researchers take less notice of form letters. But you might want to make reference to some of the following points, in your own words:

– AARX research in areas where the previous campaign of public ‘Go Home’ vans were targeted showed  found that the majority of those surveyed disagreed with the approach used in government campaigns against immigration. This is in contrast to the way that some large-scale opinion polls have been reported, but the AARX research focused on neighbourhoods being directly affected by both migration and the Home Office campaign.

– The government has already been forced to agree not to run the Go Home van campaign again without consultation with local authorities and community groups, thanks to a legal challenge supported by Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London (RAMFEL). They agreed that not consulting properly on such a concern could breach the Equality Act 2010 by failing to have ‘due regard’ to the campaign’s effects on communities living in the affected areas.  Reactions of local authority leaders and community groups in affected areas suggest that the result of any consultation will be a strong argument against continuing with that campaign.

– The campaign within UKBA offices has already been linked to serious negative impacts on people seeking help.

– As Jock Morris from ‘Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees’ puts it, if the posters are only giving out information, why isn’t there a twin poster saying ‘Are you fleeing persecution? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.’?

Other organisations supporting this Early Day Motion and asking you to convince your MP to sign up to it include Migrants Rights Network and Positive Action In Housing.


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